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2004.09.07 Register Shandong Zhengkun Business Co., Ltd., set up processing line of 10,000mt/Year of Sodium Methylate solution in Methanol
• 2007.08 Register Shandong Wells Chemicals Co., Ltd.
• 2008.06 Prepare to set up one set of processing line of 30000mt/year of Propylene Carbonate, 25000mt/year of Dimethyl carbonate and
• 20000mt/year of Propylene Glycol
• 2008.12 Success to start production of new processing lines
• 2009.3.24 Get the Quality Management System Certificate of ISO9001:2000
• 2009.07 Get the Qualification of importing Propylene Oxide from LyondellBasell, and signedthe first purchasing order of Propylene Oxide
• 2009.12 Finished all improving in technology and equipment and get the perfect processing
line in China
• 2010.06 Prepare to set up another one set of processing line of PC,DMC and PG. The total capacity is 90000mt/year of Propylene Carbonate, 55000mt/year of Dimethyl carbonate and • 45000mt/year of Propylene Glycol
• 2011.09 Set up 10,000mt/a DBE processing line
• 2012.06 Register Shandong Da ze Chemical Co., Ltd. in Juye county, Heze city, Shandong Province, set up 100,000mt/year of Propylene Oxide.
2014.05 Set up MTP project with 600,000mt/year and plan to start production in May of 2015.

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