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Daze Chemical

Shandong Daze Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded on June 7, 2012, with the registered capital of 50 million Yuan RMB. The company is situated in Coal industrial park, Juye county, Heze city, Shandong, which was established by Shandong Wells Chemicals Co., Ltd. At present, there are more than 200 employees, 96 of which have college degree or above, 12 are senior engineers, more than 30 are senior technicians. The total planned investment is 7 billion Yuan RMB, and the project can be divided into three phases, the first-stage project covers 303mu, it covers utilities, heating center project, 5390 m2 office building, 5760 m2 staff apartment, 1815 m2 club and other facilities for 100,000 tons/year epoxypropane project, and 200,000 tons/year epoxypropane project; the second-stage project covers 600,000 tons methanol to olefin (MTP) project and 20,000 tons battery electrolyte additive project; the third-stage project includes 100,000 tons epoxypropane project. At present, the first-stage project has been put into operation.

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