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BTX aromatics diesel fuel

Chemical name:BTX aromatics diesel fuel 
Molecular formula:  low molecular weight organic compounds from C5 to C9.
Structural formula:  Mixture
Relative molecular weight:Not have
CAS NO.: Not have
Appearance: Colorless, odorless, sweet gas.
Motor gasoline (mixed aromatics) Index of quality:

Item Specification (quality) Specification (volume) Analysis method
Density ( 15℃) 740-790 kg/m3   ASTM D-1298
Vapor pressure (RVP) 0.45-0.70 bar   DVPE, EN 13016-1
Octane number 90-95 RON   ASTM D-2699
Alkanes, cycloalkanes 45-65 %wt 50-65 % GC or ASTM D-1319
Olefin 20-30 %wt 21-33 % GC or ASTM D-1319
Aromatic hydrocarbon 15-30 %wt 13-28 % GC or ASTM D-1319
Benzene <1.0 %wt < 1.1 % GC or ASTM D-1319

Uses:  For the production of paint solvents and paint industry, mainly used for blended gasoline forblending diesel heavy aromatics.

Packing: The flow velocity is less than 3m/s  when it is filled, and the grounding device, to prevent the accumulation of static electricity. Summer high temperature should besooner or later transport, prevent sun exposure.

Storage: Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Away from fire, heat source. Not more than 30℃.

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